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Transforming your concept into the exact product you need, our team ensures unmatched precision on every project.

Contract Manufacturing

Manufacturers often face several common problems when working with contract manufacturers. These problems can impact various aspects of the manufacturing process, and the quality of the final product. Some of the key challenges include:

  • Quality control
  • Consistency
  • Dependability
  • Responsiveness
  • Communication

Working with Arete mitigates these challenges because we have over 30 years' experience, the right equipment and a commitment to delivering consistent quality at a competitive price.

Contract Manufacturing Services

Arete Products and Manufacturing can help you increase efficiency and reduce costs without sacrificing quality or delivery times. We specialize in providing two categories of products:


Our precision CNC machining capabilities are utilized to produce a wide variety of components such as shafts, rings, plugs, body/housings, and the list goes on. We also have the ability to modify an existing component to our customer's needs.

With production capabilities ranging from just a few parts to thousands, Areté Products & Manufacturing can produce your parts in a timely and cost-effective manner.​

Assemblies and Sub-assemblies

We specialize in constructing full assemblies or sub-assemblies from components we manufacture. We can also facilitate the procurement of components to build assemblies.

Additionally, we can assemble complete or partial units with parts provided by our clients. Our adaptability enables us to integrate both our own and customer-supplied components in the assembly process.

To enhance our offerings, we also provide finishing services like plating, painting, and powder coating.


Why Work with Us?

We’re a small Midwest contract manufacturer with over 30 years experience providing metal laser cutting, machining, assembling, welding and fabricating services to a wide variety of non-automotive industries including aerospace, heavy equipment, aftermarket tooling, outdoor equipment, and medical equipment.

  • Our services are efficient and consistently on-time
  • Competitively price without sacrificing quality
  • Our smaller footprint allows us more flexibility
  • Personalized service
  • Integrity and reliability 


We’ve invested heavily in equipment such as CNC and material-cutting equipment to meet the needs of various industries including aerospace, heavy equipment, automotive aftermarket tooling, outdoor equipment and medical equipment.


Our proven process ensures no surprises and complete satisfaction


Submit Project Requirements

Contact us or submit a quote.


Review Project

We'll contact you to discuss your project. 


Quote and Timeline

We'll create a quote based on your specs along with a timeline.


Production Begins

“First article” can be issued per customer’s request.


Quality Inspections

During production, first, middle, last quality inspection will be completed.


Product Finishing & Delivery 

We ensure final product is finished and delivered on time and on-budget.


Contract Manufacturing Project Samples


Contract Manufacturing

Reusable dunnage for medical beds

Contract Manufacturing

Crane lifting bar for medical beds

Contract Manufacturing

Enclosure box for aerospace

Contract Manufacturing

Aerator shaft

Contract Manufacturing

Seatbelt gauge

The benefits we offer our contract manufacturing clients

Contract manufacturing offers several benefits for businesses across various industries, including:

Cost Savings: Companies can save on their capital costs because they do not have to pay for a facility and the equipment needed for production. They can also save on labor costs such as wages, training, and benefits.

Focus on Core Competencies: By outsourcing manufacturing, companies can focus on their core competencies such as research and development, marketing, and sales. This can help them to innovate and grow their businesses more effectively.

Scalability: Contract manufacturing allows companies to easily scale up or down their production as needed, without the need to invest in additional facilities or equipment. This flexibility can be particularly beneficial for companies dealing with seasonal fluctuations or those in the growth phase.

Expertise and Quality: Contract manufacturers often have specialized expertise and equipment, which can result in higher quality products. They also typically adhere to various quality standards and certifications, ensuring that products meet the necessary regulations and customer expectations.


Speed to Market: Contract manufacturing can help companies get their products to market faster. Since contract manufacturers have the necessary equipment and resources already in place, they can start production more quickly than if the hiring company had to set up its own manufacturing operations.

Risk Mitigation: Outsourcing manufacturing can help companies mitigate risks by sharing the burden with the contract manufacturer. It also reduces the risk associated with the direct management of manufacturing processes, such as compliance with environmental and labor laws.